About Us

Our Vision

To be a Leading and Sustainable Ground Handling Company.

To QAS, ‘Leading’ means to be

  •  the first choice for premium ground handling and cargo terminal services solutions worldwide,
  •  the reputation holder for the delivering solutions that fully meet customers’ needs,

To QAS, ‘Sustainable’ means

  •  we find efficient ways to deliver effective solutions that create value for customers,
  •  customers and passengers keep coming back for more.

Our Mission

To Consistently Deliver a Safe, Value-Based and Customer Oriented Ground Handling Services.

  •  QAS’ Mission describes the desired outcome of its actions.
  •  Its actions are directed by the Values it identifies with and wants to be defined by.
  •  To guide these actions, key objectives have been determined.
  •  To measure achievement of these objectives, KPI’s have been set to ensure accountability.