Ground Handling

Operations Control Centre

Currently controlling over 550 aircraft movements per day at Hamad International Airport, QASOCC is the nerve-centre of QAS Ground Operations. QASOCC aligns and coordinates the activities of all QAS operational departments in real time. The primary focus is to ensure safety and premium service delivery standards to customers are maintained, while ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

QAS unique systems provide transparency into onboard, landside and airside operations, meaning they allow the intelligent allocation of manpower and equipment resources when and where they are needed. This innovative approach to managing a dynamic operating environment results from the planned integration of industry expert's knowledge and leading edge technology. Together they have created the capacity for maximum service delivery to customers, with the most efficient utilisation of resources. This gives customers the best value-for-performance ratio in the Ground Handling industry.

Inside QASOCC, Flight Control Supervisor (FCS) and Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) representatives communicate with the Resource Management System (RMS) Allocators' team to effectively monitor and control ground operations by engaging the teams, each with their different but complementary areas of responsibility. The benefit of this for customers is quick turnarounds, minimal delays and high on-time-performance.

QASOCC capability includes direct VHF communication with inbound crews to gain early warning of special ground handling requests, or to relay emergency information to airport or airline authorities or emergency services.

QASOCC is a key partner in handling airport and aircraft emergencies for customer airlines, facilitating both the airline and airport emergency plan in the first instance. QAS's highly developed systems provide new airline entrants to an airport, with a turn-key solution to their total ground handling needs.

QASOCC is a key element to ensure that QAS maintains its 'trusted partner' status with customers, and working together as One Team with airports and other stakeholder's operational centres i.e. Qatar Airways IOC, Hamad International Airport AOCC, Qatar Airways HCC and Hamad International Airport ASOC.

  • IOC Integrated Operations Centre
  • HIA Hamad International Airport
  • AOCC Airport Operations Control Centre
  • HCC Hub Control Centre
  • ASOC Airport Security Operations Centre
  • FCS FCS Flight Control Supervisor
  • RMS Resource Management System