Cargo Handling

Special Cargo Handling

QAS extensive experience in handling special categories of cargo is supported by a dedicated team and well-equipped facilities. Some of the special cargo we have handled include

  • Aircraft Engines
  • Oil and Gas equipment
  • Long industrial pipes
  • Radioactive Material
  • Dangerous goods - vehicles, hazardous materials permissible by air carriage – explosives, weapons, arms and ammunition etc.
  • Live animals - tropical and ornamental fish, aquatic plants, domestic pets such as dogs and cats, wildlife such as dolphins, tigers, leopards, rhino and livestock such as cattle and sheep
  • Valuable cargo - diamonds, currency plates, gold bullion, art collections
  • Oversized cargo
  • Circus and Theatre equipment
  • Motor racing equipment
  • Concept Cars
  • Equestrian event and race horses
  • Boats
  • Helicopter

Whatever our customer’s needs are, we either have or can develop a product solution to exactly meet those requirements.