Cargo Handling

Import and Export Handling

QAS takes great pride in knowing and meeting its customer’s needs with solutions that exactly fit their requirements. We are well placed to be the best fit for all cargo handling requirements and provide bespoke solutions with the following service offerings for all airlines and all individual & corporate customers.

  • Hub Operations and Management
  • Customer Services - cargo and mail acceptance and delivery, including all documentation
  • Airside - charter & freighter ramp services and cargo delivery, both to and from aircraft, including quick tail to tail transfers
  • Logistics - warehousing, airline ULD management & handling, equipment rental
  • E-freight Services
  • Three zone temperature controlled warehousing facility for temperature sensitive and perishable goods

We use an automated cargo handling system with the following equipment complying with all the global safety & security requirements

  • Automated ULD storage with ETVs
  • Consignment ASRS system
  • Height adjustable build and break workstations
  • Truck Docks

Our world-class facilities, systems and equipment ensure speed of through-put and our ability to meet any performance requirements that will help ensure our customer’s success.

For any inquiry on flights & tariff and/or status of your shipment, please check our E-services or call us on

QR Import:
Mobile +974 66827961
Landline +974 40106072
QR Acceptance:
Mobile +974 66908226
Landline +974 40106210
OAL import
Landline +974 40106073
OAL Acceptance
Landline +974 40181797
Mobile +974 66871759