Cargo Handling

HIA Cargo Centre (HCC)

To accommodate the increase of our customer airlines and the businesses of our local customers while exceeding our customers expectations, QAS Cargo is proud to introduce the HIA Cargo Centre (HCC) as an extension of the existing Cargo Terminal. The new facility is providing QAS Cargo with an additional handling capacity of 12,000 sqm. and will be dedicated to the handling of import and export shipments.


The new facility is located next to the Qatar Duty Free warehouse at HIA Midfield area, which is approximately 700 meters away from the existing Cargo Terminal. QAS Cargo will carry out a phased transition of its import and export acceptance service to the new facility, which will be open 24 hours a day.


  • Customer waiting area
  • Customer elevator lift
  • Charging points
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Prayer rooms (Male/Female)
  • Clearing Agent waiting area

Concept of Operations

Vehicles can use the designated docks in the HIA Cargo Centre for import and export acceptance. The visitor pass can be collected from the HIA Cargo Centre Reception (HCCR) building, which can be found in front of the current air cargo parking area. From here you can take a free shuttle service to HIA Cargo Centre or drive your vehicle directly to your reserved dock in HIA Cargo Centre. Cargo Terminal 1 will remain operational for the handling of transit shipments. Customs and Other Government Authorities activity will also be transferred to HIA Cargo Centre. More information about the concept of operation can be found in our flyer.


There is no parking available at the HIA Cargo Centre. To reach the facility, you can park your car at the Air Cargo parking area and take the free shuttle service to reach the customs and government authorities (bus stop 2) or the import and export acceptance office (bus stop 3). The shuttle service will operate every 25 minutes from HIA Cargo Centre Reception to HIA Cargo Centre.


Q. When will the new facility open?

A. The HIA Cargo Centre will open on 5th September 2023. A memo will be circulated regarding the phased opening of the building.

Q. Where will the new facility be located?

A. HIA Cargo Centre, Midfield area near the Qatar Duty Free warehouse

Q. Do I still need to go to Cargo Terminal 1?

A. Depending on the phased opening, you might still need to collect your shipments in Cargo Terminal 1. Refer to the memo shared by QAS Cargo for the latest updates.

Q. How do I get to the HIA Cargo Centre?

A. A free shuttle service will be available 24/7 in front of the HIA Cargo Centre Reception (HCCR) near the Cargo Terminal.

Q. Are there any temperature ranges available in HIA Cargo Centre?

A. Yes, the building is fully climate controlled and accommodates +2 to +8C and +15C to +25

Q. My question is not yet answered. Who can I contact for more information?

A. Please contact the following import or export acceptance team for any further queries:

Customer Services Office (Import)



QAS Export Acceptance Office