Ground Handling

Ground Services Equipment

QAS ramp Ground Services team is responsible for the smooth and efficient off-loading and loading of baggage and cargo from the aircraft as well as the disembarkation and boarding of passengers and crew. Ground Services team is also responsible for operating aircraft pushback and headset operations for departures. This complex and diverse set of operational responsibilities are expertly coordinated by QAS highly trained team of specialists.

Additionally, this Unit also provides the Toilet and Water servicing, ensuring potable and pure supplies are provided efficiently and contaminant-free to the aircraft and securely sealed, and ensuring airport, aircraft and passenger peace of mind.

Other necessary services delivered by this team that illustrate their diversity is their support of the aircraft with cabin cooling air condition from ground operated air conditioning units, ground power units for aircraft powering while stationary and operating the pneumatic air starter for engine start up to save the aircraft’s electric power.

Moreover, ramp Non Motorize Equipment (NME) is deployed by the GSE team in support of the transportation team, who deliver baggage and cargo to and from aircraft.

QAS ramp Ground Services team is specialized in the following services

  • Operating the Lower and Main Deck Loader
  • Operating the Belt Conveyor Loader
  • Utilizing the Passenger mobile stairs
  • Managing and controlling the Aircraft pushback tractors
  • Handling the Air Condition Units
  • Operating the Air starter Unit
  • Control and operating Ground Power Unit
  • Handling Toilet and Potable water servicing
  • Head set communication