Ground Handling

Ground Handling

Qatar Aviation Services - QAS has been the sole ground Services provider for international airport operations within the State of Qatar for nearly 20 years. First at Doha International Airport and then at the award winning Hamad International Airport, Qatar's new world-class gateway to the world, QAS has been delivering excellence in ground handling operations. During this time it has also grown its reputation as a premium ground handling organization, bringing new definition to the term within the industry.

Within the 5star, state-of-the-art, Hamad International Airport, QAS provides a range of specialised services befitting this world-class Client. QAS has been awarded the agreement to handle flights from Qatar Amiri Terminal, a stand-alone VVIP airline operation. Within both these environments, QAS provides a full range of services tailored to the specific needs of their select Client group. The Ground Handling Services that we provide include

  • Check-in and Boarding
  • Transfer and Arrivals
  • Lost and Found
  • Porterage and Trolley Management
  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility
  • Loading and Offloading
  • Cabin appearance
  • Turnaround Coordination
  • Ground Transportation
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Baggage Handling
  • Engineering and workshop Services

Lounge and Premium Services

Travel Services and Tours

  • Passenger Services
  • Ramp Handling
  • Loading and Offloading
  • Baggage Handling
  • Flight Operations
  • Ground Service Equipment Services
Passenger cargo and Freighter Cargo Services
  • Import, Export and Transfer Cargo
  • ULD storage services
  • Cargo delivery to and from aircraft
  • Special Freight handling
  • Security
Load Control, Communications and flight Operation

Aircraft Handling

The ground operations environment is becoming increasingly complex in nature. Airside Operations covers and provide a wide range of services above and below wings delivered by highly skilled and OEM trained staff, operating latest ground services equipment. This and our mature and refined systems, ensure safety and security are maintained as our highest priority.

Despite the growth and increased complexity in a highly dynamic and fast-paced working environment, we manage to consistently and reliably deliver premium results for our Clients. This is achieved through well-defined work instructions, effective communication among the team, and a focus on delivering high quality service output, supported by a management commitment to excellence.


Airside Transportation

Airside transportation team is responsible for the movement of cargo and baggage airside at client airports. We control the transportation of Pharmaceutical products, Courier shipments, General cargo, Live animals, Valuable shipments, Flowers, Meats, Fresh vegetables, Delivery of arrival, departures and transfer of passengers baggage etc.

The Transportation team specialized in operating various types of equipment such as electric tractors, rapid delivery vehicles, pickups, diesel tractors, special product vehicles, refrigerated trucks, scissor lifters, trollies and dollies to provide our customers with an excellent service.


Operations Control Centre

Currently controlling over 550 aircraft movements per day at Hamad International Airport, QASOCC is the nerve-centre of QAS Ground Operations. QASOCC aligns and coordinates the activities of all QAS operational departments in real time. The primary focus is to ensure safety and premium service delivery standards to customers are maintained, while ensuring optimal resource utilisation.

QAS unique systems provide transparency into onboard, landside and airside operations, meaning they allow the intelligent allocation of manpower and equipment resources when and where they are needed. This innovative approach to managing a dynamic operating environment results from the planned integration of industry experts knowledge and leading edge technology.


Centralized Load Control

QAS Centralized Load Control provides weight and balance services for all flights for Qatar Airways and all other international airlines operating out of Qatars award winning, Hamad International Airport in Doha, to destinations worldwide.

Our prime responsibility is to make every departure safe and on time, while adhering to strict safety principles and quality policies, guaranteed by our ISAGO certification.

This highly specialized operation runs 24/7. Such a degree of around-the-clock reliability and operational readiness is made possible by professional and dedicated staff that take pride in making Qatar Aviation Services a byword as being the best in its class of Ground Handling Organisations globally.


Turnaround Coordination

QAS Turnaround Coordinators (TRC) are tasked with the coordination of all turnaround activities much like a conductor is charged with orchestrating a symphony. Through their integrated system of monitoring all ramp activities required for a successful and time-efficient aircraft turn-around, their track-in for all ramp and cabin activities ensures that precision timings are followed or disruptions are mitigated to ensure a safe and secure handling of flights.

Sophisticated yet highly effective monitoring and communication systems that harmonise all turn around operations allow for the identification of potential problems that are routinely risk-assessed and mitigated against to ensure operational smoothness and efficient utilisation of manpower and equipment resources. The result is a hassle-free result for our customers and their passengers.


Baggage Operation

QAS Baggage Operations expertly and routinely deals with the task of moving over two million pieces of baggage a month and with an expectation to handle an additional 24 percent of baggage over the coming months. Their sophisticated, computer controlled baggage handling and tracking system ensures the quick and efficient delivery of passengers baggage onto aircraft and from the aircraft, along with the global traceability of all baggage items.

As a result, the Baggage Operations team has recorded one of the worlds lowest mishandled baggage ratios of 0.25 bags per 1,000 bags handled in 2016. For arriving passengers at HIA QAS Baggage Operations returns passengers baggage to them a record-making 99.6 per cent of the time. Few ground handling agents anywhere in the world can boast that performance record


Ground Services Equipment

QAS ramp Ground Services team is responsible for the smooth and efficient off-loading and loading of baggage and cargo from the aircraft as well as the disembarkation and boarding of passengers and crew. Ground Services team is also responsible for operating aircraft pushback and headset operations for departures. This complex and diverse set of operational responsibilities are expertly coordinated by QAS highly trained team of specialists.

Additionally, this Unit also provides the Toilet and Water servicing, ensuring potable and pure supplies are provided efficiently and contaminant-free to the aircraft and securely sealed, and ensuring airport, aircraft and passenger peace of mind.


Cabin Appearance

Qatar Aviation Services Cabin Appearance team provides our clients airlines with a full range of services to deliver their internal appearance requirements, including interior presentation and cabin services, as well as the cleaning and grooming of an average of 250 aircrafts daily on all airlines operating from Doha. With more than 800 trained staff, we have consistently led the way in ensuring optimum cabin cleaning and grooming to maintain our clients airline standards at all times, in compliance with a safe and secure working environment.

We allocate adequate manpower and equipment to achieve our clients exact cleaning standards within the stipulated timeframe, offering a full range of services that can be customised to meet the needs of the respective airlines, whether it is express tidy (on request), turnaround cleaning, or final touch-ups.


Engineering Services

QAS Engineering Services is one of the many unique parts of this organisation that differentiates it from its global competitors. The vast, fully air conditioned, computerized, engineering workshop and maintenance facility, is any maintenance or manufacturing engineers dream. This facility is fully equipped to handle all scheduled maintenance, breakdown repair, heavy engineering and fabrication task that is required, to keep the modern, state-of-the-art vehicle and machinery fleet fully operational. The benefit of this to QAS customers is negligible down time, greater productivity and maximized profitability, with fewer passenger complaints.

So advanced is our facility that the leadership team behind it has been called upon to participate in the IATA Ground Support Equipment and Environment (GSEE) Task Force which develops and lead the IATA Airport Handling Manual.


Passenger Handling

The QAS Passenger Services team is responsible for creating a smooth, professional and seamless customer experience from kerbside to boarding, for all international airlines, VVip private fleet and executive charter customers. Our team of specially recruited and highly trained staff lead passengers through a range of services expected from a premium Passenger Services team.

Customer Care

The QAS Customer Care section is a highly skilled and professional team trained to handle PRMs and unaccompanied minors. In addition to that we run a fleet of Buggies inside the terminal to services VIP protocol listed passengers, PRMs and also offer shuttle service for common use at client airports.


Premium, General Aviation and Adhoc Services

QAS is dedicated to provide a range of world-class ground handling services for all types of private, luxury, charter and VVIP flights operating to and from our Client airports. In Qatar this is conducted at Doha International Airport & Hamad International Airport where we provide services to VVIP flights such as Head of States, commercially important people (CIPs), professional, military, cargo and other valued customers, by maintaining premium quality services that meet their highly varied and bespoke requirements.

At QAS, our customers satisfaction and peace of mind are the primary concern of our expert staff, whatever those needs may be. These can range from: handling their aircraft in our terminals; meeting their special catering, cargo and documentation needs; ensuring their business and professional requirements are prepared for in our premium lounge