Ground Handling

Engineering Services

QAS Engineering Services is one of the many unique parts of this organisation that differentiates it from its global competitors. The vast, fully air conditioned, computerized, engineering workshop and maintenance facility, is any maintenance or manufacturing engineer’s dream. This facility is fully equipped to handle all scheduled maintenance, breakdown repair, heavy engineering and fabrication task that is required, to keep the modern, state-of-the-art vehicle and machinery fleet fully operational. The benefit of this to QAS customers is negligible down time, greater productivity and maximized profitability, with fewer passenger complaints.

Industry leading expertise

The Engineering leadership team has been called upon to participate in the IATA Ground Support Equipment and Environment (GSEE) Technical Group which develops and periodically reviews the IATA Airport Handling Manual. This Team regularly participates in various international Ground Handling expos, contributing at a formative level and gives direction to GSE industry. 

A leader in environmental sustainability

QAS commitment to environmental sustainability and protection is no better demonstrated than in their Engineering Services operations. All service bays are vacuum exhausted to protect the air quality in the working environment, while being fully equipped with spill kits and hazardous waste disposal systems. Their Environmental Improvement Plan tracks environmental indicators and monitors performance to produce sustainable improvement across a number of key areas. Examples of this are

  • Adherence to the Montreal Protocol for phasing out of environmental harmful R22 gas in vehicle air conditioning systems
  • Measuring exhaust emissions on all subject vehicles and tuning engines to minimize toxic outputs
  • Pioneering a program with Hamad International Airport to reduce emissions from fuel powered vehicles by injecting fuel additives
  • Increasing the number of electrically powered vehicles in the fleet while phasing out fuel powered vehicles

High-tech facilities and a high IQ team

QAS Engineering Services facility consists of workshop, stores and support services. The workshop team is recruited to be the best repair and customization specialists in the industry. They perform preventive and corrective maintenance to motorized and non-motorized Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and QAS vehicles and those of client airports and subsidiary operations, providing 24/7 technical support inside the airport environment, to ensure rapid response to any breakdown.

Staff training and equipment

All staff are OEM trained to perform specialist maintenance and equipped with manufacturer specified diagnostic equipment to provide for optimal calibration and delicate adjustment of machinery to manufacturers specifications.

Due to the level of industry-leading expertise that QAS Engineering Services possesses, they are able to collaborate with manufacturers to evaluate equipment performance and provide specifications to build customized equipment. The benefit of tis to customers is that provides performance advantages that are not available from other ground handling organisations.

QAS Fleet Management stores

Engineering stores provides round-the-clock support to workshop and operational departments to ensure technical and non-technical items are available for all QAS staff. These include uniforms, stationery and spare parts, all managed by a state-of-the-art inventory management system that ensures just-in-time supply of items, with buffer stocks of critical items. The benefit of this to customers is increased efficiency, zero down-time and maximized productivity.