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Priority 1 and the Safety & Security Way

At QAS, Safety and Security is our highest priority, therefore it is Priority 1.

How we act on a daily basis, shows our commitment to protect our colleagues and our customers, and by following our simple, common agreed behaviours, known as the "Safety and Security way".

'The Way' is a code of conduct that provides behavioural anchors (such as Lead By Example) for staff and the supervisors and managers who lead them. It's simple and easily understandable design give the QAS Team the autonomy to interpret their daily actions into a culture that supports an industry-leading safety and security performance record.

Throughout the organisation, colleagues are encouraged and supported in doing what is right, and critical to mutual safety, by leaders leading from the front, being seen, heard and felt as compassionate and trustworthy.

The QAS Safety and Security Management System, or platform for continual improvement

Our aim is to embed an effective safety and security culture that encourages management and staff to engage in honest communication that identifies and addresses practical workplaces and poses solutions that lead to improvements in workplace practices, procedures and the management processes that support continual improvement.

Underpinning Priority 1, is our Group Safety and Security Management System, a living document that evolves with the innovations and procedural improvements that keep our reputation as the leading ground handling organisation in the industry intact.