Ground Handling

Baggage Operation

QAS Baggage Operations expertly and routinely deals with the task of moving over two million pieces of baggage a month and with an expectation to handle an additional 24 percent of baggage over the coming months. Their sophisticated, computer controlled baggage handling and tracking system ensures the quick and efficient delivery of passengers baggage onto aircraft and from the aircraft, along with the global traceability of all baggage items.

As a result, the Baggage Operations team has recorded one of the world’s lowest mishandled baggage ratios of 0.25 bags per 1,000 bags handled in 2016. For arriving passengers at HIA QAS Baggage Operations returns passenger’s baggage to them a record-making 99.6 per cent of the time. Few ground handling agents anywhere in the world can boast that performance record, yet QAS achieves it consistently with operating in one of the major and complex hub operation scaled as Qatar Airways volumes.

Their dedication and hard work have placed QAS as one of the world’s leading handlers of baggage. The baggage process has four main areas of operation

  • Departure Baggage and VIP Baggage handling.
  • Arrival baggage Handling.
  • Crew Baggage.
  • The Reflighting Unit.

All these operational areas are coordinated and controlled by Baggage Operations Control (BOC), the nerve centre of baggage activity and the communication Hub that connects all internal and external stakeholders.