Ground Handling

Turnaround Coordination

QAS Turnaround Coordinators (TRC) are tasked with the coordination of all turnaround activities much like a conductor is charged with orchestrating a symphony. Through their integrated system of monitoring all ramp activities required for a successful and time-efficient aircraft turn-around, their track-in for all ramp and cabin activities ensures that precision timings are followed or disruptions are mitigated to ensure a safe and secure handling of flights.

Sophisticated yet highly effective monitoring and communication systems that harmonise all turn around operations allow for the identification of potential problems that are routinely risk-assessed and mitigated against to ensure operational smoothness and efficient utilisation of manpower and equipment resources. The result is a hassle-free result for our customers and their passengers.

QAS turnaround coordination service includes but is not limited to

  • Coordination of all servicing tasks
  • Compliance to procedures and agreements
  • Ensuring adherence to safe and secure practices
  • Ensuring adherence to Precision Time Schedules
  • Escalation and communication of relevant information
  • Planning and problem solving either with or without prior information
  • Identification, risk-assessment and mitigation of all hazards and delay-causing issues

Successful completion of tasks is achieved through teamwork and thorough coordination including internal handling departments such as cleaning, catering, ramp loading, operations control, airline boarding staff, transport and airport operational teams.