FIFA 2022 World Cup Results

Doha - 22-Dec-2022

Like every company that focuses on great results, Qatar Aviation Services always affirms its commitment to its customers and ensures that the performance of our services is always above expectations.
These results are achieved thanks to some very important pillars: Visionary Thinking, Flexibility, Resilience, and Passion for what we do.
The challenge of this FIFA 2022 World Cup helped us to further strengthen our position.
For the first time in history, the huge volume of operations was managed by a single ground handling company, combining efforts at two airports simultaneously.
In a recent post, when we said we were ready, yes, we were really ready.
Now we are pleased to share with you our results from the biggest sports event in the world, FIFA 2022.
Our thanks to all customers who trusted their flights and passengers in our hands.
Our special thanks to all our thousands of employees who contributed to this result without measuring efforts
We continue ready for the following ones! 
One place, On Time, and One Team!
Qatar Aviation Services